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"He leads me beside quiet waters, he restores my soul."

-- Psalms 23: 2,3


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About Massage Matters

Massage Matters is an independent massage studio owned by Sherri Fox. The studio is located in Midland, North Carolina.

About Our Therapists

Sherri Fox is a 1995 graduate of Southeastern School of Neuromuscular and Massage Therapy in Charlotte, NC. She a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist in the state of North Carolina. Her license number is 1787.

"I abide by the code of ethics set forth by the state board for licensed massage and bodywork therapist. I feel that it is essential to uphold the highest level of professional as well as personal ethics."

"I had my first massage experience in 1993 in a chiropractor's office. I was amazed at the effect massage had on me. It only took two sessions to convince me that Massage Therapy was going to be my new career. Not only do I love what I do, but being able to help people at the same time is priceless."


Christine Bisbee is a 2017 graduate from Southeastern Institute's Professional Massage Therapy program. She is licensed in the state of North Carolina. Her license number is 17038. 

"Massage Therapy is a second career for me. I enjoyed a career in the Social Work field after graduating from Florida International University School of Social Work in 1996. My focus is on reducing anxiety, depression and muscle tension while promoting overall relaxation and well-being through Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage."


Heather Elkins is a 2007 graduate of South Piedmont Community College Therapeutic Massage program. She is a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist in North Carolina, license number 7577.

"I love Massage Therapy and the benefits it brings to each person I get to work on. My experience includes spa massage, hospital and medical massage, chiropractic massage, deep tissue, and hot stones. I like to use all different techniques to create a therapeutic and effective session for each client."

Who Should Get A Massage

Everyone. Some people think getting a massage is only for those who live an extravagant lifestyle. However, it is becoming more obvious that massage is not just for pampering oneself.


Massage has been medically proven to be helpful in maintaining an overall state of good health. Stress is a major contributor to all kinds of disease. Massage therapy relaxes muscles, easing and soothing your aches and pains. There are many positive aspects to receiving massage therapy on an ongoing basis, and with the busy lives we lead, we can all benefit from a little stress-management. When you lower the stress factor in your life, you lower the effects it can cause in your body.

Types of Massage

Massage Matters offers many different types of massage to choose from: Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, Prenatal, Medical Massage, Muscle Release Technique, and Chair Massage.


Make massage therapy a part of your overall wellness program.


"Finding Sherri with Massage Matters was a stroke of luck. I had been getting massages from one of the national chains that charged monthly fees and required long term contracts. Not only was that inconvenient but to get a massage required a long drive into the city. That certainly wasn't relaxing. I never knew who I was going to get so the massages were inconsistent. I had to explain my problems of fibromyalgia over and over to a new person on every visit. Now I have found our permanent massage therapist in Sherri Fox."

-- Gigi Hunnicutt, Midland, NC

4314 Thermal Avenue, Midland, NC 28107 | 704-575-3025

NC Establishment License 186

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